Body Pregnancy Pillow




Struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position? Ease your muscle pressure with this body pregnancy pillow!

Pregnancy can make getting a good night’s rest feel almost impossible. As your body weight increases during this period, it puts a lot of pressure on your legs, hips, and back. These body parts need to be rested after supporting you all day. Getting a full night’s sleep is extremely important, especially when you’re expecting. This pregnancy pillow is specially designed to provide extra support in all the places most affected by your growing baby and belly. It reduces the strain on changing pressure points. It fits into all your nooks and crannies to reduce pain in those key areas. This pillow offers support for various sleeping positions and makes sleeping more comfortable.

This body pregnancy pillow is filled with non-allergic polyester fiber. It makes it stiffer than the typical bed pillow to softly contour your body’s curves and movements. Moreover, this pillow is very flexible. You can easily bend it to give it any shape you want. The full-body pillow is absolutely machine washable. No need to worry about bacterial growth!

✔️ ALLEVIATES BODY ACHES & PAINS – This pillow provides support and comfort to your hips, back, and legs and ensures proper rest. 

✔️ ENHANCES BLOOD CIRCULATION – Owing to its soft cushioning, this pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep comfortably sideways, thereby easing up and promoting blood circulation. 

✔️ LONGER SLEEPING & RESTING HOURS – The pillow promotes better and more comfortable sleep. The more you get enough hours of rest and sleep in a day, the more you become healthy and prepared for the coming of your baby.

3 reviews for Body Pregnancy Pillow

  1. V***l

    Great pillow! Very full and dense. I have rested comfortably and deeply when sleeping. Such a great comfortable sleep when my husband has to work long hours!

  2. E***n

    I ordered one for myself & then my husband wanted one! So I ordered one for him too! Excellent support for my back and belly. This pillow is perfect and much firmer than many others I’ve tried!

  3. S***h

    I was afraid of the odor that comes with the new cloth, but this pillow doesn’t smell at all. It provides full support to my body and eases the pressure the belly feels. The fabric is very comfortable and soft. I love it!

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