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  • € 21.94

    Each bag has an alginate strip which dissolves in water @ +22°C or higher Ideal for isolating contaminated clothing & linen when transporting and laundering Reduces the risk of cross-infection from soiled articles Each case of 200 contains 4 flat packs of 50 bags

    € 21.94
  • € 41.51

    A controlled foam low lather biological detergent washing powder suitable for all washing machines and water conditions.  Suitable for hand washing.  Special formula works effectively at low temperatures.  Removes stubborn stains in one wash, even at 40oC. 

    € 41.51
  • € 19.39

    A controlled foam, low-lather laundry detergent powder, suitable for all types of washing machines and soft or hard water conditions. Non-biological and effective stain removal. Also, suitable for hand washing. 

    € 19.39
  • € 19.39

    A controlled foam low lather biological detergent washing powder suitable for all washing machines and water conditions.  Suitable for hand washing.

    € 19.39
  • € 19.58

    Developed to give maximum stain control. Suitable for use at low temperatures. Enhances the whiteness of the wash without damaging colours. For use in automatic and top loader washing machines. Dilute 30 - 60g of laundry destainer with every 5Ltrs of water.

    € 19.58
  • € 46.24

    Designed to be used in conjunction with your normal powder or liquid product.  Contains an oxygen bleach system, which, at high temperatures, exerts a positive soil-lifting action on organic stains without any adverse effects on the fabric.  Specially formulated for presoaking prior to normal washing as an aid to washing efficiency.  Can also be added to...

    € 46.24
  • € 19.67

    Designed to leave cloths fresh & clean. Gives a soft luxurious feel to clothes making ironing easier due to its enhanced anti-static properties.

    € 19.67
  • € 24.49

    Contains a built-in antistatic agent, making ironing easier and prolongs fabric life. It's pleasant floral perfume gives a pleasant and lasting fragrance to the wash which persists even after tumble drying. Concentrated viscous formulation leaves clothes fresh and soft, with a deep luxurious feel.

    € 24.49
  • € 55.53

    Pre-treat - apply direct to stain Vanish Pre-Wash Stain Remover is specially formulated to remove the stains and grime that detergents along leave behind. Its powerful formulation penetrates deep into the fibres to break down even the toughest stains like collar and cuff grime and grease.

    € 55.53
  • € 16.85

    A liquid laundry alkaline detergent booster containing a highly concentrated blend of inorganic alkali.  For use in conjunction with Active Liquid Laundry Concentrate to effectively boost cleaning performance and reduce detergent consumption.  Eliminates the need for separate pre-soaking of heavily soiled garments.

    € 16.85
  • € 23.40

    A concentrated non-bio detergent for use in laundry washing machines. Leaves clothes clean soft and fresh.

    € 23.40
  • € 43.70

    A biological liquid detergent which has been designed to effectively deal with most types of soiling. The product has excellent stain removal properties even at temperatures as low as +30°C, which greatly reduces or eliminates the need for re-washing or pre-soaking.

    € 43.70
  • € 13.97

    Designed to leave clothes fresh and clean, Crystalbrite Fabric Softener gives a soft luxurious fluffy feel to your clothes, making ironing easier and prolonging fabric life. A new longer lasting perfume gives a fresh clean aroma, even after storage. Contains a built-in antistatic agent. IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE ON KYLIES.

    € 13.97
  • € 27.86

    Contains a built-in antistatic agent, making ironing easier and prolonging fabric life. A luxury concentrated viscous formulation leaving clothes fresh and soft.  Persistent fragrance technology which slowly releases fragrance long after washing and tumble drying. 

    € 27.86
  • € 21.29

    A concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide for use in laundry washing machines to help remove stubborn soils and stains.

    € 21.29
  • € 96.21

    An effective oxygen-based low temperature liquid destainer, which removes stains even at temperatures as low as 20ºC, saving energy and reducing wash times               Has broad antibacterial, virucidal and fungicidal activity at 20oC Complies with BSEN1276 and BSEN13697 Kills 99.999% germs in 5 minutes at 20oC Non-corrosive, odourless, no irritant...

    € 96.21
  • € 113.12

    A liquid designed to provide stiffness and firmness to all types of clothing.

    € 113.12
  • € 28.35

    Whiterock is a white coloured alkaline chlorine powder which works by effectively decolourising any impurities present on the fabric, both stains and off-white hues. It is used on its own, either as a soak for stain removal, or as a hot rinse additive for bleaching. Both processes rid the fibers of any impurities present leaving them undamaged by...

    € 28.35
  • € 28.64

    Pre-spotter and stain remover effective on oil, grease, fat, tar, lipstick and crayon.  Always test for colour-fastness before use.  An effective general purpose pre-spotter and stain remover.  Use for removing many water-based spots and stains from carpets, upholstery etc. which can be safely cleaned with water.  Also ideal for removing oil, grease, fat,...

    € 28.64
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