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  • € 692.96

    Brightwell Dispensers' collections of laundry dosing systems have been created for hard-working commercial environments and offer the most reliable, easy-to-use and resilient models on the market today. With their unique pumps entirely designed by the company's experts and assembled at the company's headquarters in the UK.

    € 692.96
  • € 310.46

    The Quantura 200 is Brightwell Dispensers’ new peristaltic pump dosing system for dosing dishwash detergent and rinse aid into a wide variety of commercial dishwashers including conveyor/flight, hood and door type dishwashing machines. This system also provides the option to incorporate an additional, third peristaltic pump for dosing sanitiser.

    € 310.46
  • € 103.55

    The Superblend Dispensing System is designed to dispense the range of Jeyes Professional Super Concentrates. Easy to install with no plumbing required. Simple to use with user safety guaranteed durable and attractive design. Effectively controls cost in use with accurate dosing every time. Empty labelled refill bottles are supplied separately for use with...

    € 103.55
  • € 275.55

    Brightwell Dispensers' MODD is an automatic chemical dosing system designed for the timed delivery of a single product into water. Controled by a real-time clock and including up to eight prgrammable timing entries, the MODD is the ideal partner for commercial kitchens looking to regularly break down drain build-ups with enzyme and bacteria.

    € 275.55
  • € 47.82

    The HydroPump features a unique push pump design and is used to dispense cleaning chemicals into sinks, buckets, or other cleaning receptacles. The HydroPump is the user friendly choice, allowing the operator to precisely control the amount of product yielded.

    € 47.82
  • € 4.32

    For accurate delivery of a wide variety of viscous products such as hand soaps, detergents, cooking oils, food relishes, waxes and cleaning chemicals. Restrictor clip to reduce the output of pump to 30mls.

    € 4.32
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items