Why Your Selection of a Pillow is One of the Most Important Decisions You’ll Make …

The Wrong Pillow Can Lead to Bothersome Neck Pain & Even Cognitive Decline …

Here’s What You Need to Do

Hi, my name is Emily and when my neck started hurting … first in the morning when I woke up and later on in the middle of the night making it hard to go back to sleep

I wasn’t sure what to do.

Was my pain due to how I was laying? Was it because of the pillow I was using? Was I doing something during the day that caused my neck to start hurting later?

All I knew was that my neck hurt badly, making it difficult to turn my head or to look up or down.


It turns out that was only the beginning, then I started getting these terrible headaches as well. At first, I would wake up in the morning with my head hurting. Later on, the headaches began waking me up in the middle of the night.

It was horrible. 

The pain from my neck and the headaches really affected me. I lost sleep and, in turn, lost energy.

My work began to suffer as my brain began to function poorly. That’s right, at just 38 years old I was experiencing cognitive decline! I couldn’t remember things and I had difficulty concentrating on the tasks at hand.


My thinking also slowed down so that when somebody asked me a question I often wasn’t able to come up with an answer right then and I would to tell that I would think about it and get back to them.

The pain and lack of sleep also affected my relationships. I was in a bad mood all the time and began to “snap” at those around me.

I noticed my husband and children were trying to avoid me around the house because I was so angry all the time.

That’s when I knew I had to do something – so I began trying different solutions that I found online for neck and head pain.

I tried this weird neck collar. I tried both thicker and thinner pillows. I tried stacking different numbers of pillows. But nothing worked for me.

I became so frustrated that I went to see my doctor to see if he could recommend anything to help me get rid of the neck pain and headaches so I could get the sleep I needed to be at my best. 

At the appointment, I told the doctor all about my neck pain and my headaches and my inability to sleep. Then I told him how they were affecting my life and then everything came rushing up on me – all the stress and the frustration – and I began to cry.

The doctor tried to console me and then, after handing me a napkin to dry my eyes, told me that he had a good idea of what was going on.

He told me that I was getting the neck pain and the headaches because I was sleeping with my spine out of alignment.

More specifically, the vertebrae in my neck were out of alignment and this was pressing on the blood vessels and nerves in my neck and causing the pain and headaches.

I told him that I had tried multiple combinations of different pillows to try to get better alignment and more comfort and nothing worked

He then told me that was because most pillows simply aren’t made to support the weight of the human head – so you end up using either too few or too many and you always have this misalignment that can lead to neck pain and headaches.

So upon hearing this, I asked him what I needed to do.

He said the answer was to use a special memory foam pillow. More specifically, he recommended the Ortorex Memory Foam Pillow.


He said this particular pillow features a strategic ergonomic design and powerful memory foam that ensures support and comfort of the head, neck and shoulders when you sleep.

The difference in sleeping with this pillow compared to sleeping with a normal pillow he said is like the difference between night and day. 

He told me to get the Ortorex pillow and that I would see … I would start drifting off into uninterrupted slumber each and every night.

When I got home that day from the doctor’s, I immediately went online and began researching the Ortorex pillow. Here are a few of the reviews I found:

“My neck pain was severe. It would wake me up and then I would have the most difficult time getting back to sleep. The Ortorex pillow was a god-send. It took away the pain and allowed me to start sleeping comfortably through the night again.”

– Michelle D.

“I was miserable due to my neck pain and the frequent headaches I was experiencing. But the Ortorex Memory Foam Pillow made an immediate difference. Now I wouldn’t think of sleeping without it. I even bring it with me when I travel. This is the absolute best pillow.”

– Julianne H.

“I’m sleeping better than ever. In fact, I’m sleeping like a baby and it’s all due to the Ortorex pillow. I love how comfortable the pillow is while still providing the support to keep my vertebrae in alignment. No more neck pain for me! I went from feeling 100 years old to feeling like I’m 20 years younger than my real age of 47.”

– Kyle L.

What the doctor said combined with the reviews and the other information I saw online convinced me. I ordered an Ortorex Memory Foam Pillow and received it five days later.


My Neck Pain & Frequent Headaches Disappeared!


I was so excited when I woke up the morning after sleeping on the Ortorex pillow for the first time. My neck wasn’t sore and I didn’t have a pounding headache either.

If that wasn’t thrilling enough I also realized that I had slept through the night. That hadn’t happened for several weeks. I was always waking up in discomfort and trying to get back to sleep was so hard.

But this time I slept right through the night with no problems!

I remember sitting on the edge of my bed … the sunlight streaming through the window blinds and the noise of birds chirping outside … and feeling like a new person.

I was pain and headache free and, as a result, I felt refreshed and energized. I was eager to face the day and to interact with people where before all I wanted was for the pain to stop and when it didn’t I would lash out at those around me.

This pillow in one night had made such a huge difference in my life! But then I had a worrisome thought: what if this was just a one-night thing? What if the pillow didn’t work like this every night?

Well, I’ve been using my Ortorex Memory Foam Pillow for over a month now and it has continued to work just a well night after night after night.

Now I wouldn’t think of sleeping without it. I love this pillow and that’s why I created this webpage to let you know more about it.

And also let you know that there is a possible solution out there for neck pain and headaches due to misaligned vertebrae causing circulatory issues.


Introducing the Ortorex Memory Foam Pillow


When it comes to pillows Ortorex raises the bar, without a corresponding increase in price.

What I mean by that is this pillow is what all pillow makers aspire to create … it is both soft and firm at the same time. 

That’s right, it is soft and comfortable to sleep on but it is also firm enough to support your head so that your spine stays in alignment and you don’t get a sore neck, shoulders or back while you sleep.


In my experience, this memory foam pillow allows you to:

  • Sleep much better
  • Stop those frustrating sleepless nights
  • Dramatically increase your energy

The great thing about this pillow is the memory foam conforms to your head to ideal comfort and support – and it does that every night.


As Word Has Spread This Pillow Has Become 2021’s Must-Have Sleep Product!


Positive reviews online and on social media have sent the popularity of this memory foam pillow soaring.

More people than ever are getting more sleep and avoiding neck, shoulder and back pain because they are using it.

The truth is the company has had trouble keeping this pillow in stock and they haven’t even started advertising it yet. The current demand is all due to word of mouth.

Everybody wants one! Because the truth is few things can upset your life like poor sleep.

As I said, my work performance and my relationships began to suffer. And this is pretty common for anyone who has difficulty sleeping.

One of the worst things for me was the cognitive decline. Being unable to remember things and to experience foggy thinking were really disturbing.

I had previously considered myself very sharp mentally but now I was this complete different person who I didn’t really like.

When I studied neck pain and poor sleep, I learned that most people experience these negative side effects. But now you don’t have to, now there is a solution!


Ready to Start Sleeping Pain Free?


Act now and you can get the Ortorex Memory Foam Pillow for just $39.95 while it remains in stock.

A new shipment just recently arrived but they are going fast – especially at the discounted price, which is more than $20 off the regular price of $60.

Why are the makers of Ortorex offering a discount when demand is so high?

To make up for past To make up for past product shortages and ensure more people have what they need to sleep better.

Only Ortorex features state-of-the-art memory foam that adjusts to your particular size and shape and ensures your head is properly supported for ideal sleep

You’ll feel better going to sleep and you’ll wake up with more energy and no neck and shoulder pain.

But you must act now, demand is high and the current supply is going to run out fast.

Get your Ortorex pillow for the special reduced price before it is too late.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ortorex is set to be featured on a major television show that will air next week. When this show airs, the makers of Ortorex expect the remaining supply to sell out quickly and then interested customers will be put on a waiting list. It could be several weeks before more are available. Don’t let poor sleep continue to negatively impact your life. Get your Ortorex Memory Foam Pillow now at a special reduced price while supplies are available. You’ll be sleeping better in no time!

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