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  • € 12.26

    The HANDY HOOP is a blue, plastic, locking bag hoop, which measures 355mm in diameter.  It usefully holds rubbish bags open for litter collection.

    € 12.26
  • € 23.89

    Focused on superior quality and end user safety. Bright yellow body with reflective strips for visibility in low light conditions. Jaw mechanism is more responsive and includes anti-slip, tactile rubber tibs for exceptional control of small objects.

    € 23.89
  • € 48.17

    An exceptional odour controller & cleaner containing a combination of superior surfactants and friendly bacteria which target organic soiling and stains traditional cleaning agents cannot remove Effectively removes residues & foul smells generated by vomit, stale urine, faeces, sweat, sour milk etc. Safe on carpets, curtains, soft furnishings and...

    € 48.17
  • € 16.74

    These strong 1ply Blue Forecourt Rolls are best dispensed from a floor-stand holder and are ideal for mopping up spills and general cleaning and wiping in kitchens, forecourts, workshops and industrial units. Length: 1,500 meters          Width: 20 cm  

    € 16.74
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items