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  • € 64.12

    A multi-purpose disposable wet wipe impregnated with a refreshing alcohol free solution. Added conditioning lotion for moisturising properties, lanolin free, this slightly larger wipe is ideal for cleansing and refreshing hands and body. This wipe is widely used in the nursing home sector and in the beauty sector as an alternative to soap and water.

    € 64.12
  • € 27.54

    Roll dispenser for aprons or bag rolls Hygienic Wall mounted but removable Supplied with fittings Dimensions: 185mm x 365mm x 138mm.

    € 27.54
  • € 41.60

    Airlaid Roll 144Mtr (280mm x 60xx) 400 Sheet.

    € 41.60
  • € 30.58

    EnrichedLotion™ - Liquid Refills  (for use with Rubbermaid Flex™ Dispensers) Economical and effective hand wash foam soap ideal for food, catering and healthcare facilities Capacity 500 ml  Dimensions 11.13 x 5.08 x 25.4 cm

    € 30.58
  • € 16.27

    A liquid laundry alkaline detergent booster containing a highly concentrated blend of inorganic alkali.  For use in conjunction with Active Liquid Laundry Concentrate to effectively boost cleaning performance and reduce detergent consumption.  Eliminates the need for separate pre-soaking of heavily soiled garments.

    € 16.27
  • € 24.85

    Concentrated disinfectant cleaner with powerful virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Effective against MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B, Legionella and Athletes Foot. Use for damp mopping, damp wiping, spray cleaning and deep cleaning tasks. Suitable for cleaning and disinfection in Clinics and Healthcare Premises.

    € 24.85
  • € 34.34

    This rich, foamy, germ-killing hand wash is formulated to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Ideal for use in catering kitchens and healthcare areas such as hospitals & care homes. Each refill provides over one thousand applications. Contains no abrasives or irritants - ideal for frequent & constant use

    € 34.34
  • € 33.71

    36 x 2 ply coreless toilet tissue rolls which are simple to load without the need to remove cardboard cores. Eliminates waste and half-used rolls. Ideal for busy washrooms in pubs, restaurants, sports stadiums and nurseries etc. Perfect for smaller washroom stalls when used through our compact space-saving dispensers.

    € 33.71
  • € 19.33

    Un-perfumed, non-tainting, sanitising hand soap suitable for use in all food preparations areas. A blend of non-ionic and anionic surfactants with skin conditioning agents effective in both hard and soft water. Contains a powerful sanitiser effective against a wide range of pathogenic bacteria. Mild, yet effective for regular use. 

    € 19.33
  • € 19.39

    A controlled foam, low-lather laundry detergent powder, suitable for all types of washing machines and soft or hard water conditions. Non-biological and effective stain removal. Also, suitable for hand washing. 

    € 19.39
  • € 17.42

    Embossed professional soft 2-ply toilet tissue. 48 x 320 sheet rolls. Special non-clogging feature for high-use facilities.

    € 17.42
  • € 60.97

    Contains 75% ethyl alcohol for effective hand sanitising in sensitive environments Kills over 99.99% germs Effective against MRSA, VRE, Candida, K.pneumoniae, Pseudomonas a, and more Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E Dye-free + fragrance-free and NSF approved for sanitising food workers hands.

    € 60.97
  • € 24.49

    Contains a built-in antistatic agent, making ironing easier and prolongs fabric life. It's pleasant floral perfume gives a pleasant and lasting fragrance to the wash which persists even after tumble drying. Concentrated viscous formulation leaves clothes fresh and soft, with a deep luxurious feel.

    € 24.49
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