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  • € 19.31

    The Modular hand towel dispenser is a hard-wearing, versatile system that enables the distribution of interleaved, C-fold, Z-fold and extra-narrow towels. It is available in two sizes to fit the end customer's environement.

    € 19.31
  • € 18.00

    With the Hygenius Hands dispenser, as the paper is pulled down the dispenser cuts off just the right amount of towel, to minimise waste, while providing a quality hand drying solution. After a brief pause, the next towel is presented, again controlling usage. Sheet length is fixed at 25cm (not adjustable).

    € 18.00
  • € 18.21

    Certified Food Grade strong paper + sharper perforations for greatly reduced paper consumption. Superior absorbancy and "Short Tear" perforations allow for better results with a limited amount of sheets dispensed per pull.

    € 18.21
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items