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Say goodbye to stress and hello to a peaceful sleep with this weighted gravity blanket!

Due to daily stressors, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to fall asleep. A lack of sleep might affect your everyday life, so you need a perfect night’s rest. This weighted gravity blanket solves this problem and promotes better and more comfortable sleep. This weighted blanket was designed to weigh approximately 10% of your body weight to simulate the feeling of being hugged when it covers you. The naturally relaxing sensation helps calm your body for a restful night of sleep. Moreover, it helps to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep undisturbed.

This weighted gravity blanket is made with 5 layers that leave your skin free to breathe. Moreover, there is a padding that contains millions of premium non-toxic and hypoallergenic micro-glass beads. This pillow adopts a high-density sewing technology. The unique small grille and fine stitching prevent the leakage of the beads inside the blanket. It ensures that the pressure will be evenly distributed, and the blanket will hug your entire body as you lay underneath it. You can use it not only during sleep but also when reading or watching TV. Throw it over your bed or couch when taking a nap, or just cuddle up while watching a film.

✔️ INCREASES WELL-BEING – The weight of the blanket can increase the overall well-being enormously and make you at least a little bit more satisfied.

✔️ RELAXES YOUR MUSCLES – This blanket provides full-body relaxation by the gentle pressure that spreads evenly throughout the body. You can now fall asleep peacefully or relax on your couch.

✔️ IMPROVES ANXIETY – This blanket provides pressure stimulation, similar to the pressure from a deep touch or a hug. It increases serotonin, a chemical in your body that makes you feel happy and calm.

✔️ GIVES DEEPER SLEEP — This blanket promotes more restful sleep without breaking a sweat. Works better than any other relaxing bedtime routine, soothing you to sleep.

NOTEWe recommend choosing a weighted blanket that’s roughly around 10% of your body weight. Don’t worry about it being exact; within the 7-12% range is considered good.

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3 reviews for Weighted Gravity Blanket

  1. U***a

    This blanket provides the perfect amount of weight evenly distributed throughout while increasing sleep quality! It also stops me from tossing and turning so much. Comfortable and more cooling than I would have imagined! Even my husband likes it. Would purchase another for traveling.

  2. V***e

    This is an excellent weighted blanket. It puts me to sleep almost immediately! Perfect for winter months or colder climates, also works great on top of another blanket. Keeps me very warm. I would definitely recommend it.

  3. P***e

    I bought this for my mom who stays cold and has Alzheimer’s. She loves it a lot! It is super cozy, warm, and comfortable! Keeps my mom warm. Thanks a lot!!

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